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Our Mission

YCH Home Living's Mission is to make our customers feel comfort, to get a great night’s sleep by offering the best and suitable products and also an excellent customer experience.


Our Vision

YCH’s vision is to be Malaysia’s most trusted authority on sleep.

Everyone deserves a Good Night



Our Core Value

Listening and understanding our customer’s needs, not the money – these are shared and reinforced by our employees every single day

Team Works, Results Matter, Data-Driven, Decision Making, Return



Spend Right, Live Light – Spend what you need, live what you dream.



We strive to make your comfort our top priority. We Don't Sell Products, We Bring You Home

Our aim is to provide you with a cozy and welcoming environment. What's Your Comfort Time? Relax, Dine, Sip, Play, Love, or Sleep?



At YCH, we cater to your every comfort need. Experience the Ultimate Comfort – It's all about sleep, and YCH is here to make it happen.



YCH - Your Cozy Home – We provide a cozy haven where you can relax and recharge.


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